10 rules for dating my daughter tv show

He told the show's host 'I'm an honest person looking for a new wife' before adding he killed his first wife because he was 'irritated' by her behaviour and murdered a subsequent partner because he thought she was after his money.

A contestant on a Turkish television dating was asked to leave after he revealed to a shocked audience he had murdered his wife and a former lover.

Season 10, Episode 139May 3, 2018The safety of natural medicine; the secret to a successful relationship detox; a new lunchtime procedure to reduce a double chin; how to burn fat in just eight minutes a day; and new smartphone technology that helps people with Alzheimer's.

R.; the effectiveness of a sleep patch that promises a better night's sleep; and a simple way to boost one's run.Season 10, Episode 143May 9, 2018Christie Brinkley shares beauty tips and discusses the #Times Up movement.Season 10, Episode 146May 14, 2018The story of a woman wrongfully convicted of killing her baby who spent 20 years behind bars.Also: strategies to move on from past hurt and find forgiveness; a treatment that shows promise treating post-traumatic stress injury; and how to protect one's self and loved ones from a wrongful conviction.Season 10, Episode 131April 23, 2018The best way to deal with cellulite and spider veins on one's legs; DIY fecal transplants; a heart transplant surgery that left the patient with two different hearts; and an mid-air brawl caused by flatulence.

Season 10, Episode 130April 20, 2018Spending 100K to look like Kim K; human Ken and Barbie dolls; surgery to become a genderless alien; a woman who wants the world's biggest butt; a woman who wants the world's smallest waist; when the desire for plastic surgery becomes an addiction; and going under the knife to look like Madonna.

Season 10, Episode 145May 11, 2018Whether obesity is contagious; a man with a five-foot tapeworm; a mother who involved her 3 year-old in her little brother's birth; and a belt with air bags to prevent fall injuries in senior citizens.

Season 10, Episode 144May 10, 2018New research that shows ovarian cancer may be passed on from fathers; why air conditioners stink; cleaning mistakes that could send one to the E.

Season 10, Episode 154May 29, 2018DIY epinephrine auto-injectors; a doctor who won't go online; a young cancer survivor receives a makeover; a severe case of scoliosis that has put a young woman's life and wedding plans on hold; a blackhead popping video; the brain benefits of beet juice; and the best bargain in retail therapy.

Season 10, Episode 153May 23, 2018A blood test test for cancer; doctor suicides; if pistachios can help with weight loss; blaming a DUI on the autopilot; whether smartphone pinky syndrome really exists; a "Vanderpump Rules" exclusive; honoring wounded warriors; whether the uterus doubles in size during one's period; and distinguishing stretch marks from a rash.

Season 10, Episode 148May 16, 2018Flawless and bronzed skin in minutes; a new fix for under-eye circles; avoiding summer hair damage; National Women's Health Week; and DIY ways to keep insects away.