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The final battle started on the eve of Passover 1943, when several thousand Nazi troops blew up the ghetto buildings, murdering or sending over 56,000 people to death camps.As their command post was surrounded, Anielewicz and many of his group committed suicide. The largest mass shooting took place in September 1941, when thousands Jews in Kiev, Ukraine, were forced to the edge of the Babi Yar Ravine, where they were shot and thrown into the chasm. Q: How did the Nazis gain the cooperation of the average European citizens?

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The term "cattle cars" refer to the inhumane vehicles the Nazis used for deportation. Initially the camp imprisoned political opponents of Hitler: communists, socialists, and political Catholics. They wore skull-and-crossbones insignias on their uniforms. A: There were several types of concentration camps: transit camps, POW camps, detention camps and, in Nazi-occupied Poland, death camps.

Victims were crowded into these "cars" without water, food, toilets or ventilation. The longest journey was 18 days – with no survivors. Auschwitz-Birkenau consisted of a concentration camp, a death camp and a slave labor camp.

Comprising 19 square miles, it was the largest and most organized death complex in human history.

It opened in June 1940 and by the war’s end five years later, over 1.25 million had been murdered and thousands sterilized by radiation.

Treblinka was a death camp where people came off the cars and were immediately slaughtered and burned in mass pits.

Almost 900,000 Jews were killed by a staff of only 150. Also in Poland were the Chelmno and Majdanek slave labor camps, and the Sobibor and Belzec death camps.During the Holocaust, there were 1,150 Jewish ghettos.The largest was the Warsaw Ghetto, established in November 1940, populated by 400,000 Jews.Initially people did not grasp that it would keep getting worse and worse.Plus it is nearly impossible to fight when outnumbered 1000-1 by heavily armed and trained troops. The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (see below) was the most famous.Over 100,000 died in the ghetto due to starvation, disease, or killed wantonly by Nazis.