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I back away laughing my ass off also trying to catch my breath. This is the second time I've hurt him..accident of course.

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December 12, 2012 or 12-12-12 was the last date of its kind - when all three numericals in a date are the same - for the next 88 years.

The next time this will happen is on January 1, 2101, or 01-01-01.

In western tradition, it is commonly associated with completeness and seen as a perfect and harmonious unit.

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Keegan's POV It was and Im still out side in the cold.

I don't know if barbie has left yet and god hoping she has.

At that moment, the numerical pattern will consist of no less than six repetitions: 12-12-12 Countdown to 12-12-12 (UTC)The rare numerical pattern may make some people believe that something extraordinary will occur at this very moment.

However, the global significance of 12-12-12 is undermined by the fact that it occurs at different times in every time zone around the world.

I quietly crawl from my bed and sneak up on Keegan whose focusing really hard on a page from his text book.

I held my breath and quickly shoved his shoulder and shouted "BOO! Next thing Keegan jumps up from his chair and falls out sideways onto the floor.

YOU ARE READING Teen Fiction Keegan Pierce is the shyest Boy around.