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She turns the throne black with this spell, and slowly makes the throne room look the way it did when King Sombra ruled.She finds a hidden staircase, and at its bottom is "a doorway that leads to your worst fear", created by "King Sombra's dark magic".Shining Armor confronts Sombra and shoots a beam at him, which Sombra evades and lets the beam pass through the black cloud.

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When they arrive in the frozen north of Equestria, they meet with Shining Armor on the outskirts of the Crystal Empire.Sombra rises as a cloud of black smoke behind them and pursues them through the snow.In a flashback, Sombra looks down gleefully from his castle at a chain-gang of Crystal Ponies, when two silhouettes of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna shoot a beam at him that turns him to "shadow" and banishes him to "the ice of the arctic north." Celestia says he was able to put a curse on the empire as he was imprisoned, which caused it to "vanish into thin air".Celestia demonstrates that if the empire is filled with hope and love, then those emotions will be reflected across all of Equestria, but if hatred and fear take over the Crystal Empire, black crystals sprout from the ground.On March 15, 2015, prior to Sombra's reformation in the comics, Jim Miller was asked, "I would like your thoughts on this: are Sombra and Tirek the redeemable types?

This is not about Season 5 at all[,]" and replied, "I don't want to speculate in case we ever decide to use them again." According to Twitter conversations with Jim Miller in early October 2016, late February 2018, and mid-April 2018, he might not reprise his performance as Sombra if the character ever has further voiced dialogue.She then says she doesn't want to remember anything about his rule.When Cadance's magical barrier starts to fade, Sombra approaches the barrier, but his horn is sheared off as the barrier rises again.The alternate universe version of Sombra in the IDW comics' Reflections story arc has a neatly smooth mane and tail with blue streaks.His horn is a solid color and segmented like other unicorns, and he still has green irises instead of red.King Sombra first appeared in the show's season three premiere.