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I am looking for pure love and romance in a relationship. Beh, gia pensa che io sono il migliore owmn in questo mondo, no, ma ho davvero sinser e voglio essere felice con il mio miele bella, condividono ogni cosa nella mia vita con lui e di essere il migliore amico per lui. I want to tell you that my heart began to beat faster when I think about you. I'm so in need of tenderness and care and I do not think that asking a lot. I will from now always scan pictures in the scamdigger.... Email one ----------------------------------------------------- Från: Olga ([email protected]) Skickat: den 26 mars 2010 Till: Bifogade filer: 2 bifogade filer | Hämta alla bifogade filer (76,1 k B) x_d8643eb6(37,1 k B), x_6d09311(39,0 k B) Hey, hello! Sono molto sul serio la ricerca di questi uomini e faro di tutto per renderlo not a dating site, it's just a scam used to sign you up for porn sites and the scammer who owns gets a commission for each person he signs up.

I will try to find some money, will ask for a loan, I will do my best. In the Agency to make a visa and passport takes two weeks, so that;s why it is so expensive. If I want to go to you, I need to find the money within 2 days. Two-weeks for preparing visa and passport, and two weeks for our meeting. My dear Magnus, I can not find a place, I feel so bad! To this mail she have not yet responded but if she do i post her reply here... and i am attractive lady and I would like to send you more photo When get your response to my box. --------------------------------------------------------- Email two ----------------------------------------------------------- (Inget ämne)‏ Från: Olga ([email protected]) Skickat: den 31 mars 2010 Till: Bifogade filer: En bifogad fil x_588992(25,5 k B) Hello Michael! Write letters through the Internet new to me and it seems very interestingly! I very much want to find out about you more, I am confident that your life is very interesting, you can tell to me about yourself? Michael many thanks for a photo, I was very glad to see you, you very good and beautiful, I like such men as you! / Yes, it is the same one, Stasja, but now working in another business..... Your beloved man Magnus He he he Yes, i know how to write my shit, don´t I ???? I am happy will get acquainted with you and I hope that our correspondence will be the beginning of our friendship. It is a little more about me.))) My growth of 176 sm and weight 63 kg. At me it is a lot of friends, but there is no happiness. Only there is no person, who will care and love me. I looked at your structure on a site be2 and have decided to write to you! I felt dirty minded and looked for some sex and stumbled on to this yet another site pretending to offer the Craigslist Safe verification service.Someone posted a m4w ad on Craigslist and received this reply from "Elizabeth Babicke" ([email protected]): Again, there is no Craigslist Safe verification service.I hope you liked my letter and you fully agree with me!? We read an article online as a couple, too, met on the Internet, by correspondence and they have developed relationships! I graduated from the Academy of Law and received a qualified lawyer. Probably we are necessary each other if are unnecessary - we can become good friends. I do not know why, but I live in Russia and I hope it does not confuse you? I was very vigorous and inquisitive girl, was the diligent schoolgirl at school, liked to study and to learn to what I do not know Most of all I was interested in a history, algebra, chemistry and the English language. My teacher had praised me once and Has told me that the stork has mixed the countries when he has brought me to my parents. " After school I studied in Kirov pedagogical institute and now successfully I work as the librarian - adviser in the city library. I like to communicate with people, therefore I like my work. Whether it is valid you are serious in the intention to find the wife abroad? Please answer my questions in details because they are important for our relations and the possible future together. Should inform, that you have very much interested me. I like to observe a case around, sometimes it can be very interesting.

I think that with each letter between us there is that something more than friendship. First they could not meet, and wrote letters to one another and be happy, and then the man he lived in Germany, organized this girl coming toward him and They met, and eventually played a wedding and now live in happiness and joy! I speak and I write in English, but I make mistakes. I certainly love my country and I do not want to speak about it poorly, but much here does not arrange me. And everything in my life would be wonderful if not be one circumstance. I do belive that two alone people if they have much in common, and common goals in life, if they understand and support each other and can fall in love and make each other happy. With best regards Anna Anna - [email protected] more letters and a load more pictures from this one. Can I send you all my photos and all the videos, but it will not be romantic. It's like in the old days, to receive letters and read them in awe. I search for serious attitudes, and I hope, It - acquaintance, can develop in something the greater than simply friendship. I like to laugh and common sense of humor to speak, that the laughter prolongs life.We begin to trust each other more, we become more frank, you agree with me? I want to continue the relationship with you and I hope that everything will be very good. But I started to work hard and forget this bad man. They think only about how to walk with another woman and drink. I just want to be happy and live like a normal person. But something has changed the way my life recently, and I think it was you. I know that I may be a hopeless romantic, but I really believe that our meeting over the Internet - the best things that could happen to us. I am so happy for them that they could find each other! I very much frequently see young pairs how they are happy I am glad from them sincerely, but thus I remain without loving men. Let's try to get to know each other better and let's try our chance. They are unusually long, and the amount of photos sent in each letter is extraordinary. The videos that are mentioned are only done on a mobile phone and are in Russian, despite the obvious fact that they this person is supposed to be able to speak English and has targeted an English person. Originating from Russian Federation Hello the my dear friend Mickey I send you my next home video. It is fine to look forward to your letter, and think of you, how you were living in another country. I very much like to travel, though was not farther than my country. I know, it are people, their own way is good, they only have various keys And I try them to find.I wish you good mood these days, and do not forget me. Now that we know each other, we must trust each other because without trust can not exist. Just do not accept it is not his own expense, I had the same trusted man, but he deceived me. I am madly in love man, but he only pretended to love me. It was even so he appointed me to the meeting, promised to come, but did not do it. After the incident, I decided that I shall never deceive in love people, I shall never scoff and play feelings of other people, I decided that this is not for me. After that I decided to find a soul mate through the Internet, and I found you, we wrote to each other. I want to be happy with one man and hold him all his life. But the more I am happy for you and me that we were able to find each other and understand it and appreciate it every minute! I lived with my parents, but they died two years ago in a car crash. Because I constantly remembering the terrible loss for me. I dream of my own family and about the beloved husband, also I want to have children. I do not smoke and I do not drink alcoholic drinks, also I do not accept narcotics. I'm going to close my letter but I hope to get your soon reply with answers to my questions and your story, write me more about yourself and everything you'd like to share with me. However each person is free To do it, it wants, while it does not damage whom - that.The scammers are using their images without their knowledge and permission to deceive their victims and scam them out of money. You know when you get your letters, then life becomes so happy! To me, this trust and caring, love is beautiful when it is mutual and both do everything for her that you can! They search through the social networks and dating sites databases, to see if a person with such email is registered somewhere. I am becoming more and more convinced that I had awakened feelings for you and I am waiting for your letters with impatience. :-) Maybe I submit a story, but I feel very good about you and me, I hope you feel the same, I think that you put in words less than you think actually, just because the word may not convey all of our thoughts. I do not like when things are scattered on the shelves of dust in a basket the dirty clothes, dirty dishes in the sink. I do not know how to explain it in words, I just feel that your letter raises my spirits. I'll wait for your letters and hope that you will write me soon. I would like to come to you and meet you, to see how you live. I want to spend time with you personally, I want to see your eyes and smile, it gives me endless joy. I am waiting for your letter, and I promise that I will think about you every minute. I hope that when - that will meet and we both will be very pleased to be near each other! Have a good day to you and good mood for the whole day! ))) If you write you will send me your photo to my email , I'll send you my home videos in the next letter I wish you a great day and wish very much to hear from you!Yes, I feel very happy because it is familiar to you, you are ready to listen and support me, I feel it and something in my heart tells me that you did not when I do not pridash not obidesh, I am now rushing to the Internet cafe to see your new letter and write to you about me. RESEARCH YOUR SCAMMER, FIND OUT WHO IS BEHIND THE EMAIL Hello my dear, my dear friend xxx! I want this because they begin to understand that between us is that something more than friendship, I think that this kind of high emotion. I want you to be happy and to share this happiness with you. I will try everything in my power, that would give you happiness. I imagined our meeting, she told me so pleasant and I would very much like this in the future! If I made some mistake, please let me know about it. And in the future, I hope we can talk with you and hear our voices. Thanks for translater on russian language))) Your friend from Russia Stasja! )) Kindest regards Anna )) Followed by this one when I asked where she first saw me. If you can not play, then you can download the current video player on the Internet.Family, yes, but move to another country will not disrupt my relationship with my mother. I do not think that I may be a problem with work in another country with my specialization and education. When I turn on the music, he starts to pull his head up and down to move foot to foot. I want tenderness and affection, my school friend advised me to apply to the international dating.