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He appeared as a contestant in the seventh season of So You Think You Can Dance and finished as the 2nd runner-up.After this show, he was an all star on Season 8 of the show.

Mandy taught me this at a young age, and I try to apply it to Taylor as much as I possibly can when I teach her.

People won't connect to how high your leg is or what crazy tricks you can do. And when you feel it, they feel it." Though Jason Parsons is best known for excellent teaching, choreography and dancing, it's his role as consummate learner that has made him the impressive educator he is today.

The talent is next-level, the stories are emotional and J.

Lo's hoop earrings could double as real-life hula hoops (Yassss queen 😍).

heart was stolen long before that by none other than Emmy Award–winning choreographer Mandy Moore.

As his first jazz teacher at Bobbie's School of Performing Arts in Thousand Oaks, California, Moore taught him everything he knows about dancing.

"I'm constantly taking new classes," says the NUVO convention and Steps on Broadway teacher. and more, says: "Dance has given me so many things.

"After each one, I write down what I've learned and then study it, so I always have it to share later." Parsons, who's danced with River North Dance Company, Mia Michaels R. It's given me a career, relationships, friendships—really my whole community of support. I want to help others see that there's always more to learn and more to experience in dance." "When we come together and start talking, everyone starts sharing so much and it's just great.

With many students leaving town on vacation or for outside training, studios are often faced with less than sunny prospects for revenue and clientele.

However, the forecast for your studio need not be bleak: With strategic attention to planning, programming and pricing, summer can offer a great opportunity to grow your business and diversify your offerings.

That's my favorite thing to do all year long." – Denise Wall, Dance Teacher Summit Ambassador For years the Dance Teacher Summit has been offering opportunities for studio owners and dance instructors of all levels to work with world-renowned faculty members to improve their teaching methods, learn new styles of choreography and discover ideal ways to convey choreography to students.