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Joe was so good that he received a standing ovation from the X Factor judges, including Lord Simon Cowell, the ruler of all of the music industry.Lord Cowell’s beautiful consort, Princess Cheryl Cole, said that Joe was a “perfect little pop star” and that she was “blown away” by his singing.

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They did not have much money, but Joe did have a magical gift: a voice that made girls swoon and grandmothers smile.

Once upon a time there was a teenage boy called Joe, who lived in a small flat on Tyneside with his mother.

There is even a book that will hit shelves next Monday.

In 'Matt Cardle: My Story’, you can read all about the “rollercoaster experience” of a bloke nobody had ever heard of four months ago.

And on Sunday, Mc Elderry learnt that his latest single, Someone Wake Me Up, failed to scrape into the top 60.

And so it is that Mc Elderry joins the list of X Factor 'winners’ who might use a different noun to describe their experience on the show: Steve Brookstein, Shayne Ward, Leon Jackson, all of them cast into Simon Cowell’s bargain bucket to be picked out by a pub promoter, or a Butlin’s manager, if they are very lucky.

The single itself is certainly a departure from previous X Factor Christmas offerings: a cover of a track called Many of Horror, by the rock band Biffy Clyro.

Many of Horror not being a terribly festive title, it has been changed to the much more X Factor-friendly 'When we Collide’.

Matt Edmondson presents the F Factor, an online fan show made by ITV, and has spent the last ten weeks with the X Factor contestants.

“Matt [Cardle] seems quite head strong and he knows what he wants to do,” says Edmondson.

One wouldn’t want to rain on the parade of 27-year-old Mr Cardle by relaying him this cautionary tale so soon after his win.