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Sir Cliff is suing the BBC over coverage of a raid at his apartment in Sunningdale in August 2014.

Mr Justice Mann issued the warning at the latest in a series of preliminary hearings at the High Court in London after lawyers representing Sir Cliff asked him to bar journalists from having access to part of a document which contained personal financial details.

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Metropolitan Police officers passed the allegation to South Yorkshire Police in July 2014.Sir Cliff denied the allegation and in June 2016 prosecutors announced that he would face no charges. But the judge has been told that dispute was settled after the force agreed to pay the singer 'substantial' damages.He has remained a popular music, film, and television personality in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Northern Europe and Asia, and he retains a following in other countries.Richard has been a resident in the United Kingdom for most of his life, but in 2010, he confirmed that he had become a citizen of Barbados.(The school was later renamed Riversmead School before being rebuilt and renamed Bishopslea School).

As a member of the top stream, he stayed on beyond the minimum leaving age to take GCE Ordinary Level examinations and gained a pass in English literature.

He was never arrested or charged After putting it up for sale last year, Sir Cliff said: 'It is time to slow down the treadmill and hand over the dream to someone who can dedicate more time to this wonderful venture than we can.'Creating and establishing the winery has been a truly exhilarating and rewarding experience.

It has been hard work but we are immensely proud of what has been achieved here.'Sir Cliff said that the Algarve vineyard he uses near his villa helped him 'survive great despair' after his home in Sunningdale was raided by police following sexual assault accusations dating between 19.'It was here that I had the most terrible time of my life, but it was also here that I had the most beautiful time when it all ended,' he wrote the Sunday Times. It didn't change the despair, but I'd rather have been despairing here than anywhere else.' The larger of the two properties has four double bedrooms, three bathrooms, a large lounge and dining room, full central heating with a log burning fire and a fully fitted kitchen with breakfast area.

BBC editors have said they will 'defend ourselves vigorously' and a spokesman said the BBC had reported Sir Cliff's 'full denial of the allegations at every stage'.

Lawyers have told how, in late 2013, a man made an allegation to the Metropolitan Police, saying he had been sexually assaulted by Sir Cliff at Sheffield United's Bramall Lane football stadium, in Sheffield, when a child in 1985.

He then started work as a filing clerk for Atlas Lamps.