College freshman and senior dating

So, if you don't like him enough to make it work, then don't go out with him. The first couple of weeks, he called me every day, sometimes twice a day. I assumed he didn't have the guts to break it off, so I stopped calling him and he wouldn't call me for a few days, but he always called. First things first, she is smart and is in excelerated math courses, just to keep my pride. My mom and her mom were Sunday school teachers together.

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I like him I really do but it gets annoying sometimes and when I try to tell him to give me a little space he gets mad about it.we're not even officially going out but I don't know what to say to him I really don'should I do? This is a common problem at your age (I used to be this guy! I would avoid a serious relationship with him right now.

For a guy who is probably not THE guy, it will be very stressful.

I know that its compeltely amazing when you get attention from a senior... You just got to be careful about older boys because they have more tricks up their sleves then younger ones and just a portion of them only think about sex and will try to get it from anybody.

but the only thing you need to keep in mind that seniors are a lot more experienced... If you do jump in a relationship with a senior make sure he knows your boundaries so he knows not to cross it.

However, now she's free to live the single life and flirt guiltlessly (and has no regrets about that either)! Nor do they regret that time or wish they had been single.

In any relationship, you do learn a lot about yourself.Make sure both of you know how each other feel about things like sex and so on and so on. its like you like the person but it's a wrong time type of ordeal. he graduated when I became a sophomore and things were good at first.. then it will be a live and learn type of situation.A lot of times when freshmen and seniors date, the relationship doesn't last because the two of them have different perspectives on things, cause the senior would have more experience in handling things. Anyway, like I said, as long as you guys have a similar mind-set, things should be fine. he went off to college though so it became a long distance relationship.. If you think a guy is that important then go for it I suppose, but don't be surprised if the timing in the relationship ends up to be a major problem.My friend who broke up with the boy she dated her entire freshman year said that it was a great relationship and that she doesn't regret spending her freshman year with someone.She is glad she didn't randomly hook up with several boys and learned a lot about herself in the time that she was in the relationship. After all, I personally haven't met anyone that regrets being with the person they dated even if it led to a breakup.You can say it depends on the personality, but what really is the healthiest choice?