Adalt chat Dating a baker anonymous

Go back to stealing the PA’s used tissues, you lizard.

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Bottom line, the point is that people needs to stop accepting crap and assault and put people in the place.

There’s a point there generally, but I would guess in this specific example it is wide of the mark.

You can only meet a sexual partner in the work place?

If that’s actually the case, I don’t think sex was a big issue for you in the first place.

He possibly then denied it and the firm accepted his denial but paid out on the basis of no liability when the woman got legal advice from another firm.

What I cannot piece together is how it has got another lease of life with a falling axe to boot. B&M initially said it was a “relatively minor” assault.

It doesn’t seem fair that B&M should fire him several years later after promoting him in the intervening period: if his behavior justified dismissal for gross misconduct, this should have happened at the time.

Will B&M now give him a reference so he can move to another firm?

If that was the case, everyone he invited would be eligible to report and settle.