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Occasionally a reader submitted more than one photo; in those cases, I picked two or three in order to showcase the different opinions between poses.I zipped ’em up and sent them along to the judges without commentary.

They are designed to show you every flaw before you walk out into the world.

His shirt may be brand new and freshly cleaned, but it looks worn out and dirty.

If he’s not a type A personality, the pic could be improved with a smile and a glass of wine in his hand or something that makes him look just a tad mussed up. It makes him look a little bit short, and the lighting on his face isn’t that great.

If he is a type A then this picture is perfect for the type of girls he wants to attract. It does show, however, that he’s comfortable in social situations, though the lady standing next to him seems as though she might think she has “dibs.” Jennifer: She reads as someone who might not be as friendly to a new lady friend as he would like to imply. He looks clean cut and pulled together, but this picture does not show off his body so much, and he looks short next to the girl.

His facial expression does not get me excited either; he looks really, really bored. He looks like he’s waiting for the bus and forgot to bring something to keep him occupied…

The shirt tells me nothing about his style, and I can’t get much of a sense of his body shape. Catherine: I’d prefer if the photo weren’t rotated 45 degrees. He looks like an attractive guy, but he also looks bored.

Amanda: This picture shows what an attractive guy he is, but nothing else. Kelly: I’ve been on OKCupid for probably 8 years now, and there seems to be this unspoken contest between all the men on who has the manliest outdoorsy photo.

There are so many of them that eventually I feel like I’m being yelled at.

I could just be some keyboard jockey pulling ideas out of thin air.

So what better way to test things than with the help of some of my obliging readers?

The only thing that would give me pause is the fact that the seriousish look buttoned-up shirt gleaming kitchen appliances in the background make me think he’s way too type A for me.