Dating violence prevention month

As I saw less and less of Gary, I was angry at him for not hanging out with me. It is about two adolescents in a close relationship that went unhealthy. Decades of research conducted by psychologists can give some answers to those questions and can also raise new ones. I didn’t fully understand why he didn’t stand up for himself. These days, when we talk about emotional and verbal abuse, we need to realize that it can also happen electronically through the Internet and social media venues. Teen dating violence happens at a very difficult and challenging period of human development: adolescence, when teens are confused, experiencing changes in their bodies, hormones, brains and behaviors.

February is Teen Dating Violence Prevention Month, so it’s important we talk about not only what teen dating violence is, but how people can get involved in prevention.

Note: This is not something we as a society should only spend a month focusing on; it deserves constant prevention efforts and attention.

Dating violence can occur for a multitude of reasons. APA’s Love Doesn’t Have to Hurt Teens is a resource.

For example, the perpetrator may abuse drugs and alcohol, which can interfere with self-control. Parents can help their children see the warning signs.

Within two months of the beginning of their relationship, she controlled nearly every aspect of his life.

What he did, who he saw, when they ate and even what he wore.

People who abuse drugs and alcohol may do things they wouldn’t normally do. They should talk openly and listen to their kids, show unconditional love and support, and monitor their children’s activities and friends.

Also, the perpetrator may have been previously abused himself or herself, leading to trauma that is the projected onto the victim. Consult a mental health professional to assess trauma and identify needed evidence-based treatment for aggressors and victims.

Gradually, my contact with Gary went from hanging out every day to a couple times a week to only talking through Facebook and text.

I voiced my concerns and at first Gary denied that we hadn’t been hanging out as frequently. Domestic abuse of women and men in Ireland: Report on the National Study of Domestic Abuse. Thomas Soiles is an undergraduate student at Guilford College, with a double major in English and psychology.

It is also important to realize dating violence happens to young people and teenagers.