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2, D-50859 Köln, Germany Assistant Editor Velta Pozņaka [email protected] design and cover design by Jānis Pavlovskis Layout and Artwork The Latvian Medical Publisher “Medicīnas apgāds”, President Dr.He was killed in February 1941 while serving his country in the Second World War. Box 40 02 65 50832 Köln/Germany Phone (0 22 34) 70 11-0 Fax (0 22 34) 70 11-2 55 Business Managers J. Subscriptions will be accepted by Deutscher Ärzte-Verlag or the World Medical Association Subscription fee € 22,80 per annum (incl. For members of the World Medical Association and for Associate members the subscription fee is settled by the membership or associate payment. Edward HILL WMA Chairperson of Council American Medical Assn 515 North State Street Chicago, ILL 60610 USA Dr.The financial crisis has affected the econo- mies of nearly all countries around the world.

Regardless whether we will have to react to the spread of diseases around the world, the drastic changes to the human habitat in many regions, or to natural disasters – Haiti has shown that we still can improve. How does Haiti show us anything about the spread of disease or changes in the human habitat?Also, are you saying that our response to Haiti shows that we have improved, or that there are still improvements we need to make? I’m also not sure how it all fits in with climate change, which is the topic of the paragraph.For the last few years we have been examining the question “Why do physicians go away?” The answers have been plenty, but they all boil down to the same basic premise: because of poor working and living conditions and insufficient pay.Based on evidence drawn from international experience and research, the Conference, with the partici- pation of health experts and health profes- sionals,will provide an overview of the major threats and challenges to the health systems caused by the economic crisis.

Participants will identify current key problems and chal- lenges faced by the health systems in Europe and globally.” Physician resilience will be one of the interesting topics WMA President. Diminishing the professional status of self-governing bodies by taking away sovereign func- tions and putting them under government direction, or abolishing obligatory membership in order to weaken them are just a couple of examples of what we currently observe.If physicians wish to remain a respected profession with a protected relationship between ourselves and our patients, then we must act now and with author- ity.Health care systems in many countries seem to be rather stable and only moderately affected while others expe- rience significant budget cuts, which leads to terminating essential health care services in some areas.In the process of economi- cal recovery it is important to invest also in health care to keep people healthier so they can work more productively, which leads to faster economical recovery.Governments around must not succeed in reducing physicians to “service providers” or simple technicians who are subject to the orders handed down by “payers” – whether they are governments themselves or private insurance companies.