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THUNDERBIRD SINGLES (55 ), Meeting, Sundays, pm, Thunderbird Bookshop, The Barnyard, Hwy 1 & Carmel Valley Rd., Carmel.

Two chapters in the Bay Area: 408/725-1092 (SF Peninsula Chapter) and 415/388-3575 (Marin Chapter).

By opting for this method of wife seeking you are in effect agreeing to determine whether you can develop an online relationship first with the possibility of a physical relationship second. Your basic premise is that you want to know that the russian or ukrainian girls you choose is going to be real. As you get into the meat and bones of talking to your potential Russian brides you may very well realize that choosing just one is very difficult.

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Check with local and federal immigration offices to make sure that you and she have all of the appropriate paperwork in order and don’t forget to buy her a special gift fro when you meet her in person for the first time.Covering all of your bases and remembering the ring is a big deal.CAL SINGLES, for ages 55 primarily, is affiliated with the University of California at Berkeley, but you do not have to be a graduate of Cal to join.EURO CIRCLE, an informal group of Europeans, Europhiles, and expats, sponsors parties in San Francisco, Marc james, 415-630-0007, [email protected] HUMAN AWARENESS INSTITUTE SINGLES CONNECTION, 510/217-4242, [email protected] Co-sponsored by Society of Single Professionals, Professionals Guild, Table for Six, Great Expectations, and the leading singles organizations of Northern California.Sponsors over 150 singles parties a year in all nine Bay Area counties, plus Santa Cruz and Monterey.

STANFORD SINGLES, for graduates of Stanford University.BEACHCOMBER SINGLES, 40 , Box 5203, Hercules CA 94547, 510/799-2207, [email protected] Potluck every 1st & 3rd Sunday, pm, Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church, Fellowship Hall, 49 Knox Dr., Lafayette.BLACKHAWK SINGLES, 925/648-9248, Tom Shaw, Director. CLUBALTHEA SINGLES, [email protected], 408-854-1883 (hotline). CRUSHLAB, San Francisco’s Underground Singles Dating Night.Sponsors 10 Minute Dating, Dinners, Dances, Brunches, Hikes, Potlucks, Discussion Groups and more.WINE COUNTRY SPEED DATING, North Bay, Harvey Perry, 707/921-8932, [email protected] Wine Tasting parties in art galleries, fine restaurants, and hotels around the Bay Area.Organize large parties benefiting The Ronald Mc Donald House charity.