Erocity dating

Its at this point I'm thinking how lucky I am to have had both sisters.

I go out with the 2nd sister for a good year whilst the 1st sister has since moved out of state.

We didn't want our friends to know just how perverted we really were.

When we discovered a swinger club near us we were able to try some things that we didn't dare do with friends.

So after the 3rd bump into in the 3rd city we knew it was fate; of course that could have been the drugs and alcohol talking but whos really keeping track.

We get back home and bump into each other at a club and as fate would have it we go back to my house and have some awsome sex.

Fast forward to now, I'm late 20's, she's mid 20's.

When we were young she would hang onto me and tell me I was her favorite.

- Greg My wife and I got into mfm threesoms right after we were married.

WE did them with my male friends so we were careful not to do anything really wild.

I told her I would love to go and next time to call me.

I've decided "the closer the kin, the deeper in" is the way to go. For now, this picture is of her, taken by her FB but she wanted me to have it so she emailed me.

These photos do not do her justice as she is even more beautiful in person and her boobs are soooo Hello, could you please post these on the site for us? There is one of her totally naked in the car when we were going around town and picking up guys.