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She lists our company name as her place of employment on Facebook and some of our patients are her “friends.” We found out through our other employee (who I will call Mary) and our therapist (who I will call Sara) that Jane is now a member of several Facebook groups where people can post suggestive to explicit photos and videos.

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Our company bathroom is in the background of some of them as well as the office her and I share (I am in the office part-time).One of the photos described to me is a full photo of her standing in front of my desk with her pants around her ankles.The time stamps show that it is during work hours (there are times each day where she is the only employee in the office).I am at a loss for how to handle this appropriately and what to do.She became irate, saying that our awareness of it created a “hostile work environment” for her. But then some time passed and she seemed to calm down.

In the past few days, however, it was brought to my and the doctors’ attention that not only is Jane continuing to post these things, she is taking and posting the photos daily from our business.

And after that conversation, she seems to have escalated the behavior by posing for the photos in your office.

Frankly, it almost seems like a compulsion or an act of hostility toward your office, or both.

Yesterday she went to use the bathroom (which is private) at least four times, staying in there for over 10 minutes each time with her phone in hand and all I could do was picture what she could be doing in there.

Given her experience and high degree of responsibility, it would be an enormous task to replace her, and believe it or not otherwise her job performance is very good.

Any advice at all as to how to handle this would be greatly appreciated.