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It has helped me to raise awareness amongst my NT friends, because while many people hear of a particular aspie trait and say, “oh, I do that kind of thing all the time,” this test shows them all the things they don’t do.

Caution: results might be fun, but are not necessarily reliable.

The Key 4 Learning website has a Dyspraxia Checklist and a Dyslexia Checklist, which will give you a good idea of whether it might be worth pursuing further assessment.

The 18-inch wheels rolled over uneven terrain with verve.

Our con­fidence was further boosted by an on-demand all-wheel-drive system that sends power to the rear by default, engaging AWD only when needed.

In addition, the Autism Research Centre’s website (more Baron-Cohen) has a long list of downloadable tests covering many of the tests above, plus more.

If you know of any reputable tests (for Asperger’s or other co-morbid conditions), or would like to share your experiences of using these tests, please leave details in the comments below.

Many of the pictures were stereotypical, and thus easy to guess, but it should give an overall idea of ability.

Empathy Tests Again based on Baron-Cohen’s male vs female theory, is the Empathy Quotient Test (this version on The Guardian website), which aims to show that aspies are more “male” in their thinking.

is that it’s the most capable SUV that ­almost none of its owners take beyond the pavement.

Back in 2003, when it debuted in North America, we drove one through nearly hood-deep standing water, what felt like bottomless mudholes, and even up steep, root-strewn rocky slopes.

Many of these tests are based on research that might not be that well grounded in science.

Broadly speaking, they probably do give a good idea of whether or not to pursue an assessment, but don’t let them become a source of anxiety either way.

I’ve also included a neurotypical graph, so you can see just how different that is on this scale.