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It's a bug dating to Skyrim, actually, and is likely caused by the engine trying to send sound over channels that your speakers don't support.

Try these steps:- Control Panel Sound- Double click the playback device you want.- To to Enhancements tab.- Tick Loudness Equalization. Look up its number on the Track List and delete the appropriate file from the Data\sound\fx\mus\radio\Extra Tracks\diamond . Go crazy.---------- Track List ----------1) Roy Brown, "Mr.

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Sometimes it forgets to clean up the old files, which would result in duplicated songs and tracks.---------- Uninstallation Instructions ---------Just disable the mod in NMM, or delete the files from your Data directory (from both locations).---------- Troubleshooting ---------Many users have reported an audio mismatch between the original songs and the new ones.

This is likely due to problems with the way Fallout 4 itself handles sound.

The mod also disables Travis's introductions and segues into the default songs.

Otherwise, Travis would tell you he's about to play Grandma Plays the Numbers and then play something else.

It can be used at the same time as MWTCF for a 40% Christmas, 60% New-Non-Christmas experience.

Note: You can only use one companion mod at a time, but feel free to switch between them, or use neither.---------- Installation Instructions ---------- 1) If you have Nexus Mod Manager, activate this mod and you're done.Merged the ' Nuclear Option' files into the main mod, silencing Travis' intros and outros.v3.1Added JRaven's file directly to the mod (with permission -- Thanks Jvarnes!)--------- Special Thanks ---------[email protected] - Your splicing prowess is unmatched.[email protected] - Thanks for making the Extra Tracks mod.Hopefully you've played the game enough to know all his song-specific jokes.Travis will continue to report the news as usual.--------- Companion Mods ----------Elvani's Track Pack - If the radio doesn't work immediately, turn it off, go fast travel around a bit, enter and exit some locations, and turn it back on.