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The form view has a data key name of the selected row in the grid view.

When a row / field is updated in the form view, this is not instantly shown in the grid view, but instead will show after a page reload.

Basically, I have a SQLData Source that is a stored procedure that has two parameters (datetime).

A personal project I am currently working on is creating a database site, which will drive a organizations on-line membership management system.One of the pages relies on a grid view at the top, which has selectable rows which a form view below relies on.To unblock a file, right click on it, and select properties, and then select the ‘unblock’ button. NET Web Control | Enhancing the 'Email the Rendered Output of an ASP. NET -- Got Dot Windows Technology Check out these Web sites for articles, tutorials, FAQs, and code on ASP and related technologies!

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The parameters are now staying put and going to the stored procedure query.

To do this on the web app, you have to click the calendar dates and then the "confirm" / button2 button. However, the Grid View is not showing the results of the stored procedure. As you mentioned, the Page_Load and some Postbacks were messing things up, mostly the calendar and parameters resetting, and that is awkwardly fixed now.

The button would then refresh/update the Grid View that only shows the initial blank result with the new stored procedure result. For reference, looks like this: You don't seem to be using viewstate and your page load is empty. Normally, you want to have either binding during the page load (you can differentiate between postbacks versus first load to bind when buttons at pressed) or you want to have viewstate enabled to persist across postbacks. This is not good because nothing is done after calling this method - it aborts the current thread. End should be the last line of your button handler. It didn't seem to work because the Grid View still loads immediately? In your case you have a gridview that is bound to a data source. If you do not use a viewstate then itust be done with every page load.