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Sequel to "All I Want for Christmas is You." Following Teddy Duncan's advice Emma ups her flirtations with Jessie. And worst of all this spectacular woman seems to have her sights set on Steve.

I love impossible romances that worked out (Helo/Sharon from BSG is my favorite of that type). I like writing femslash as well as straight stories. To her surprise she is stopped by another werewolf and of all things, a vampire with a soul."Beach Bonfire": Jessie. Emma followed Jessie to her meeting with Shaylee Michaels and is determined to include herself in the middle of them the next time. There's no time and no place to go but that won;t stop them from seizing this opportunity to be together."The Logical Outcome". William Stryker has to face what he helped create with the aid of someone he never expected to see again. Tomorrow morning I make wake up with a new idea and drop everything to write it. What happens when it turns out that she is one of the older things that Rebecca is interested in? When she has some time alone she indulges in a little relaxation and fantasy. Femslash Riley/Katy At the end of Camelot:3000 Sara is saying goodbye to Guinevere. William Stryker has to face what he helped create with the aid of someone he never expected to see again. Emma followed Jessie to her meeting with Shaylee Michaels and watched breathlessly what happened between the two older girls. When a series of grisly murders draws too much attention to the possibility of vampires and werewolves they find themselves looking into the crimes for their own safety. Not finding any clients up to her standards the Companion is surprised and intrigued when a young crew member from another ship approaches her not for herself but on behalf of her Captain for a little "Rest & Recreation". Inara/Portia Lin(Two)Maya and Riley have to frantically hide in the closet when their make-out session is interrupted. Feeling compassion for the frightened Bree the Cullens devise a plan to save her. For once Alex Russo is minding her own business when she is captivated by a woman such as she's never even imagined before. But things might get carried away beyond either girl's control. D., Girl Meets World, Criminal Minds, Best Friends Whenever, Twilight, Castle, Wynonna Earp, Liv and Maddie, Dark Matter, Supergirl, Neverknock, Chronicles of Narnia, Legends of Tomorrow, Last Man Standing, My Boys, Good Luck Charlie, House, M. I'm not sure if that says good things about my desire to write or that I have nothing else to occupy my free time. I love writing romance, regardless of whether the pairing is M/F or F/F as long as it rings true. And it's been fun crossing them with Buffy and Faith from Bt VS. Her travels take her to LA where one night she does lose it. But once the killing starts is it possible to stop it? Vanessa loves shopping for antiques with Rebecca, half of the lesbian couple next door. Katy Hart can't stop thinking about her evening with Riley's mother Topanga. But once the killing starts is it possible to stop it? Bree Cullen and Seth Clearwater are happily enrolled in college together and dating. While Serenity is occupied elsewhere Inara Serra lands her shuttle on an out-of-the-way run-down space station for needed repairs. As the battle with Victoria's army ends Alice sees the Volturi coming and realizes that they will destroy the newborn vampire who has surrendered to them. Note: Possible time-line errors on the situation described at Pennbrook which takes place in BMW early season 7. Freddie's ex, Gibby's tall cousin Sabrina, comes by to apologize again to Carly for stepping on her model city. Five years after "Showdown" K-Mart and Angie are among those chosen to begin the exploration of the world as it exists and reclaiming it for humanity. A "Gabi Special"; fresh strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate frosting and French Vanilla ice cream. Rookie Blue: Sam/Andy, Dov/Chloe, Gail/Frankie, Oliver/Celery. Avengers: Steve/Natasha, Tony/Pepper, Thor/Jane, Thor/Sif, and a little non-serious Natasha/Pepper fun is good too. )Stargate SG-1: Jack/Sam, Sam/Janet, Daniel/Vala (I was recently delighted at an inside joke I found while reading Keith De Candido's novelization of "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" where he introduces two members of Carlos's team (who sadly don't survive) Jack Carter and Sam O'Neill who left the USAF so they could date. Eureka: Zoe/Jo Librarians: Eve/Flynn, Jake/Cassandra but I just keep writing Eve/Cassandra stories. ), Gibbs/Mann, Gibbs/Abigail Borin (I so do NOT want her to go to work at NCIS I want her to be with Gibbs), Mc Gee/Delilah. When the tour is over she finds herself in an unfamiliar position.

I had in my mind a vague picture of a movie I had seen somewhere but all I could recall was two girls in formals turning to each other for a slow dance at their prom.

S., Blue Crush, Battle: Los Angeles, Hunger Games, Defiance, Reba, Married with Children, Underworld, Young & Hungry, X-Men: The Movie, Teen Beach Movie, Avengers, Jessie, Librarians, 2014, Lost Girl, Agents of S. I try to answer all comments, reviews and messages but there are only so many hours in the day so sometimes it takes a while. I don't mind in the least if your review is anonymous. Legends of Tomorrow: Sara Lance/Ava Sharpe (Avalance). Sorry Penny but sometimes you just treat Leonard so bad. Her routine is interrupted by a visiting Alex Russo. Supergirl drops by to show Lena the abbreviated costume she has designed for special occasions. Now that the elevator at Cat Co is open for anyone to use it's not surprising that Lena Luthor and Kara Danvers might use it at the same time. She is all ready to surprise the older woman one night when she finds the surprise is on her. Super klutz Riley managed to spill garbage all over Katy while closing the coffee shop one evening. No one else is supposed to remember what once the future was. Alex is in LA with the traveling art display from the Met. Gemma finds it interesting to be filming "Voltage" in Steven's Point, Wisconsin.

I enjoy corresponding and chatting online but offline and online ne'er shall cross. Lucy/Amy, Janet/Scud Big Bang Theory: I've always rooted for Leonard and Penny but for a while I liked the feel of Leonard and Alex. Jessie/Emma/Shaylee."The Wixardess and the Girl in the Rain". But when Ray bursts in it's to inform Sara that the Waverider needs work and they can't leave until the next morning. She is determined to be right in the middle the next time. And then figures from Bree's past show up and seem determined to pull her back to her old life. Amy Duncan is spending a weekend at home by herself. Ever since Maya and Riley peeked on their moms having sex Maya has dreamed of having Topanga Matthews. Logan wakes up at the end of DOFP and the future has been reset, which includes him now having someone in his life. From the crack in the door they witness something that both astonishes and excites them. But saving her is just the beginning of her new life with the Cullens. When a zombie apocalypse strikes Washington can NCIS Special Agent Tim Mc Gee use his intelligence and street savvy taught by his superiors and learned from years as a Federal Law Enforcement Agent to save himself and the love of his life, wheelchair bound Delilah Fielding Mc Gee?

And it may clarify certain feelings of Emma and Jessie as well. Thirty years after DOFP a single mutant warrior and a single human soldier face each other in the ruins of a devastated Earth. But before they surprise the rest of the team by telling them of their feelings for each other suddenly Nat has a surprise for Steve. Natasha has always been sure she's just as good as any other woman and better than most when it comes to catching men.

Luke and Emma make a discovery about Jessie and one of their guests. Rated M.)The Sentinels were cancelled but the war came anyway. Now that Steve and Nat have told each other how they feel the time has come take the next step in their relationship. " When Barbra Jean finds out that Reba not only had a one-night stand with Sadie Owen but seems to be developing a relationship with the other woman her need to be the closest person to Brock's red-headed ex turns sexual. But she isn't the only one haunted by the past and sometimes even super soldiers need to be held. But what if then it's STILL not Tanner but Mack that catches her?

So how are the two of them finding each other on a warm summer night on an unknown beach?