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She said she felt disgusted, embarrassed and very emotional.She couldn't open up in counselling but was starting to feel now that she could move on with her life.The first girl reported the incidences of rape to a teacher, in 2011, four years after the first complaint was made.

He was also found guilty on one charge of raping each of the other two girls over the same time period.

Mr Justice Michael Moriarty sentenced the man to seven and half years for the rape charges and concurrent terms of six and half and five years for the remaining charges. Evidence A local garda told Fiona Mc Gowan BL, prosecuting, that the man was arrested at an address in Galway in October 2013.

She started counselling at 14 years old, which she continues today, but said she was not in a position to take up employment and was dependent on her family.

She said she couldn't form a relation with any man and “sex is not a normal thing”. My faith in myself and the world has been destroyed and will never be the same,” she concluded.

He noted that she had found it “extremely difficult” to put the rape behind her.

Mr Justice Moriarty said it would have made matters easier had the man entered a guilty plea but instead the three woman had to “run the gamut of examination and cross-examination” in a “wholly contested trial”.

The second girl was 11-years old when she told gardaí in 2007 that both she and the first victim had been raped at the same time two years previously.

However, the case was never prosecuted because the first victim denied it ever happened.

“I lost my education, my goals and my dreams.” The woman outlined how she couldn't sleep at night and couldn't even accomplish the most basic tasks before describing suffering from severe anxiety, depression and self harm.

She said she had overdosed “to ease the emptiness and pain I was feeling”.

The first woman said the abuse had a devastating and intensely far-reaching impact on every part of her life.