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“I’ve just moved forward, actually for the first time in my working life, making plans,” she told the outlet. I’ve been remarkably lucky that opportunities have butt up against each other, and I’ve been able to move through different dramas. But there might be a slip up in their secrecy surrounding their upcoming wedding. 21-year-old Australian freestyle swimmer Mack Horton is killing it at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

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Actress Emily Blunt had to get her husband John Kransinki to fire another actress. So she could star in his new film, to promote the film her husband Kransinski directed, Blunt said she had to insist Kransinski fire another actress, a “good friend” of hers, so she could take the role instead.

“I wasn’t sure I wanted to go to the darkness of the pitch that he’d given me for this film.

Beaming for the camera, Megan draws attention to her stylish sunglasses, that appears to show the reflection of a shirtless male The ex-girlfriend of Bachelor co-star Tiffany Scanlon captioned the snap: 'Just chillin' in my new @siennaalexanderlondon sunnies.' Meanwhile Jake also posted a photo to Instagram at the same time, which also saw him relaxing on a Gold Coast beach.

Perched upright on a towel, the hunk wears a pair of abstract board shorts and a round-rimmed hat.

You and I together have been tested more than others in this once in a lifetime experience.

And I know that we’re about to be yet again, but right now in this moment it’s the last thing on my mind! @marx #Bachelor In Paradiseau #finale #jagan A post shared by Jake Ellis (@jakeellis86) on in Bondi on Wednesday.

‘I haven’t been on a date in years – I’d be terrified.

‘I’ve been working on the show for seven months now and the time has flown. I don’t have time.’ Surprisingly, the rugged Melbournian has another confession.

The pair looked to be enjoying an animated conversation poolside, with Megan showcasing her ample cleavage and taut stomach in a black crop top.

A tanned Jake embraced resort life, wearing a linen shirt with several buttons left undone and shorts.

The romance was short-lived with the couple splitting in February last year after moving to Bali to start a business together.