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They both know that they can always turn to each other for advice or pep talks.

Ashley and Landis have been best friends since they met 5 years ago.They have stood by one another through numerous life lessons that have taken them from two girls in a bar to two women in a bar, and their husbands.Everytime Landis and Beryl get together, they know they are going to have a blast.They can always look to each other to turn their times of struggle into times of strength.He took her to the most romantic restaurant around, Olive Garden.

Out of pure coincidence, he ended up using a gift card he'd just received at Christmas.

She is someone that both Landis and Jeremy look to for advice. They always know how to have a good time together, whether it's just hanging out, playing some games, or watching their favorite sports teams.

Ryan always reminds Jeremy he is the older brother, but the two also know they will always watch each other 's back.

They hung out until Jeremy had to return to Texas Tech.

They knew they would miss each other, but also knew they could stay in touch.

Landis didn't seem to mind, and they smiled and laughed the whole night.