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That point, for now, is moot as Naw Kham was apprehended in Laos in April 2012 and then extradited to China.

Five months later, Naw and several of his associates were tried in Kunming on charges of murder, drug trafficking, kidnapping and the hijacking of ships.

It was after one of these escapes that Liu began to consider the use of a drone.

His task force was fairly certain of Naw's whereabouts in Myanmar but were not confident they could reach him.

Like all Muslims around the world, Rohingyas too give special attention to this month as they believe that these make them abstain from committing sins; and feel and share with those unfortunate ones how they live, how they feel and how they cope.

If someone is capable physically and financially, he or she is obliged to perform pilgrimage (Hajj) to Makkah once in a life-time.

The Hajj is the Abrahamic origin, performed with many rites for several days to fulfil religious belief and feel all are equal before God.

Unfortunately, it has been extremely difficult for Rohingyas to practise freedom of Religion in the state of Arakan due to the numerous restrictions placed by Burmese government.Naw was found guilty on all counts and sentenced to death.Execution of that sentence is currently suspended pending a series of appeals.His comments appear to indicate China now has confidence in its nascent aerial drone and remote guidance programs.Control of drones is accomplished via sophisticated satellite guidance systems and China has been developing a program of this type, named Beidou (), for the past several years.You should learn a few cities of Myanmar at the least and translate them to Burmese language.