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Heres what Ive learned, and I have actually seen these differences- 1. This is "potentially" a line between good and better. It is VERY different than my Block logo- though it looks like the internal pot was accessed on BOTH pedals so I may have to experiment on the Block logo...The Script versions are DIFFERENT than the Block- ALWAYS. There are MANY, MANY visible differences on the circuit board BUT that could be the same component in another color as far as I know- AGAIN, use your own judgement.

It just sort of floats in there with all the components bent horizontal.

The components and the topology are on spot when comparing this and the current Dunlop reissue. The switching (may be better in new one), the jacks and the board itself.

I am glad to answer questions but you MUST provide your email address- Ebay will not let me respond to questions without a transaction. Ebay calls me a top 10000 reviewer but cancels any responses to Ebay members questions in regards to this guide...) SELLERS HATE THIS SECTION- OK since I see so many RIDICULOUS prices for MXR pedals, heres a quick REALISTIC guide... The day after posting this list and emailing the seller, I got a "not helpful" rating for the first time in 4 years! Phase 90 0 to 250 depending on condition (doc) Phase 45 5 to 175 doc Distortion plus 0 to 180 doc Phase 100 5 to 200 doc Dynacomp 0 to 350 doc Blue box 0 doc (which is amazing cause basically this pedal SUCKS and was a TOY. Im estimating pedals in 1974-1975 are different than 1975-77(maybe divided around the change from bud boxes?

(but Ive only been watching the market for YEARS..) None of these estimates provide for a mint condition, in box, manual, blah blah blah- BUT OTHERWISE they are on the money. One Led Zep song -a tool this does not make) These are based off EBAY prices and nothing else. ) BUT not as different as the 1st Block logo circuit change is from ALL THE REST.

Script pedals ONLY- pay big for a block and you are being TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF! The best part is the auction that inspired this section is ALSO the same guy who said this guide WASN'T helpful (now 18 out of 19 HAHAHA! I just can't believe I see 0 MXR pedals all the time now. The ONLY pedal that goes for 300 regularly is the dynacomp and it almost deserves that price! There are 3 versions I am grouping- Script, Block, Reissue. After purchasing an EARLY 1974 script logo dynacomp I discovered that EVEN SCRIPT LOGOS HAVE DIFFERENT COMPONENTS. So I still say use your judgement, all scripts and many blocks will make you very happy!

This guide is to help define the 2 vintage versions- Script and Block. The MXR logo changed from script to block on the bottom back corner. NOTE: I am thrilled to find that my new 1974 script dynacomp is in a bud box, and though pretty thrashed, absolutely PHENOMENAL. Turned out that “too good to be true” deal was in fact true. The deal was so good that i thought that someone was trying to to setup a oldschool swindle and rip me off of my money.This creates the best tones with distortion knob maxed or near maxed.May be in part because of the components age, but damn it sounds good.I measured the switch, and while it was a bit wonky, it worked.