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It is relatively safe to go here, but if something feels off maybe you should move on.

Of course you don’t want to be flaunting your wealth here (or anywhere in Africa) and making yourself a target.

At some point, he decided to shoot his shot and ask her for nudes.

Vacations to major cities are always harder than visiting some touristy beach town.

At the same time the hottest girls usually flock to the major cities because there is more money to be made.

They see themselves as average Lagos babes who want men to spend money on her.

She doesn't mind offering sex for credit alerts. They are not shy about adding sex to boost their bank accounts. Ambitious babes who understand the currency of sex is using it to be financially stable.

However, in Africa most women you pick up at night will expect to be compensated.

They don’t really consider themselves hookers, but if it walks like a duck….

She had a legit job and was living with her uncle and his wife.

Why was she charging him for a day of '" There are many guys who have been in Akin's situation lately.

This Lagos sex guide will break down all of the best mongering and nightlife of which there is plenty.

You might get robbed or die, but you might also have the time of your life.

Heck, even a seasoned traveler is likely to come across some difficulties here.