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She is also heavy set and did not like her body or nudism.But now after all this time she now is fine with us being nude at home when she and her hubby visit and she is MUCH more comfortable with her body.Andrew took off his T-shirt and used it to cover his head.

He suggested that we go to a secluded Long Island beach where to meet someone is a very rare opportunity.It was our plan to bring along as many people as possible, but in the end there were only three of us coming: Andrew, me, and my friend Alice.Terrified by Alice’s would-be reaction, I was waiting for her to approach.Finally I saw her coming out of the water serenely.We had been rather tired when we finally got to the public beach. Instead he led us on promising to show us some fantastic spot.

We were walking along posh villas, the road was dusty and the heat was something devastating. I wouldn’t mind him doing so if it was not for Alice being around.

The photo is very tasteful and while we are fully nude, I’m sitting while Carla stands and no genitals are showing.

Anyway, they saw it and mentioned it which gave us the opportunity to further explain that we are nude whenever they are not around and that we are more comfortable with no clothes.

Then we lay on the grass and started playing cards. We did not have to ask her twice, and presently she joined us. I realized that my own nudity was even more confusing for her than Andrew’s, but sweeping away the feeble pangs of my conscience, I remained to be stripped to the bark.

‘Don’t be a coy, go ahead and take your swimsuit off! After a while we heard the sound of started engine and then an old Buick came into view. Having set all of their possessions ready to have a good time, they went straight to the water. Notwithstanding the fact that their bodies were, well, far from being perfect, they were not in the least put out by their nudity and were feeling quite natural.

So, slowly, we are helping friends and family, as well as strangers, learn to be comfortable with social nudity and hope to expand our efforts in the coming year. Well, this is kind of a hard question because I don’t know for sure whether I am a nudist or not. At least I have made my first, still uncertain, steps.