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For example, an employee with two weeks’ vacation as of his or her third anniversary date must use the two weeks prior to his or her fourth anniversary date.If an employee fails to take his or her earned vacation time before the employee’s anniversary date in violation of this policy, the employee will not earn any further vacation until that unused vacation has been taken. Employees are not entitled to pay in lieu of taking time off for vacation.

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Written vacation policies are the easiest way to communicate the requirements for taking time away from the office and to express in no uncertain terms what the employees responsibilities are for their time spent away, i.e., if they need to find a replacement for their duties or schedule their time in a certain manner.

Eligibility for vacation Employers are not required to offer vacation time.

Regular part-time employees earn vacation on their employment anniversary date in the proportion that their normally scheduled number of hours bears to 40 per week.

For example, a regular, part-time employee who usually works 20 hours per week would earn 20 hours of vacation upon completing his or her first year of service.

For instance, a particular policy might allow for accrual of 40 hours of vacation pay, but also provide that unused vacation hours will not be paid upon termination.

Taking vacation After the “who” and the “how” of earning vacations has been explained, a policy should cover by what method vacation time is to be cashed in.

Do employees need to be employed for a certain amount of months before they receive days?

Accrual of vacation After defining who is eligible for vacation time, the next step is to outline how a vacation is earned.

You may not “borrow” against unaccrued vacation.] [Accrued but unused vacation time may be carried over from vacation year to vacation year up to a maximum of ___ days.] OR [Accrued but unused vacation time may not be carried over from year to year.] Please notify your supervisor as far in advance as possible of the time you wish to take your vacation.

Requests for scheduled vacation must be submitted in writing.

For full-time employees, vacation accrues as follows: 1.