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When the expected date of Oddvar’s arrival came, Ysita was unable to see him there until she received a phone call from a woman who claimed to be an official of the Bureau of Customs informing her that Oddvar has been held at the airport for bringing in a lot of cash which amounts to 0,000 (P47.8M).

And in order for Oddvar to be released, the woman asked Ysita to pay P14,500.

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The report was aired via GMA News in Balitanghali on Thursday when a Filipina named Gemina Ysita called for the assistance of authorities, where Caloocan policemen immediately responded to catch the Jamaican and his accomplice.

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It was then that the entrapment operation has been set the following day which took place in Sangandaan Caloocan. Unfortunately ang kasamahan niya nakatakas.”According to the police, they were able to recover various currencies from the Jamaican, along with almost 100 grams of shabu which was estimated to have a value of about half a million pesos.“I don’t know why I’m arrested. Somebody directed me to her to come and meet her,” Williams said still trying to cover himself from his intention in swindling Ysita.