Older and bolder dating

It’s the rest of her body that warms most everything else.

Despite her Italian heritage, she has the milkiest white skin, with huge perfect melon shaped tits.

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Still, I’d always thought she had a terrifically hot bod, and was pleased when I caught someone else taking notice of her charms.Deep down inside I always thought it would be hot to watch someone bury their bone deep inside her, and bring out the slut in my faithfully hot little housewife.Dave slid her down onto the couch where he was milking her tits for all they were worth, while his cohort had pushed up her dress, and slid off her panties.I was shocked seeing my wife act like this but very turned on as each moment passed and they got bolder.Rounding it all, she has killer thighs and just a great shape.

I love it when she wears her boy shorts, or simply cutoffs with a tank top. Anyway, during the first year of our marriage, we decided to make as many Christmas parties as we could that season, mostly my friends, and of course the company parties.Also I wondered if she’d ever thought about what it would be like, but of course she wouldn’t ever admit to something like that.Kim is about 5’3 with long dark curly hair, big brown eyes, and a smile that’d warm the cockles of your heart.Billy’ s head went down between her legs, and he was doing an apt job of tonguing Kim’s pussy as she writhed around.Dave’s huge cock had appeared and Kim now had a lip lock on it.She was leaning back talking to Dave who’d begun to stroke her arm and shoulder.