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Most fans I spoke to were generally aware of Julie's operation in the late Nineties - to remove a non- cancerous polyp on her vocal cords.

Mei Ling: You should be happy you have time to be playing video games, Snake.Free adult chat rooms Featuring adult dating services with webcams and adult chat for men and women.This is the only concert I have ever been to where the star has announced, five minutes into her act, that, er, she's not much cop these days.[caption]We'd been welcomed into the show by a delightful compilation of Andrews's early life flashed up on to a large screen above the stage.And, er, isn't that Jonathan Cohen, the bloke who used to play the piano on the Seventies kids' TV show Play Away? I'm a little disappointed, though, to find that there is almost no one here in fancy dress.

I'm told that you can't move for wimples at the boisterous singalong Sound Of Music event that is touring cinemas nationwide. 'I just want to see the legend while she is still alive. 'She has a radiance of pure joy, which you feel in the music every time you listen to it.' Few here tonight would have argued with that sentiment...

A thought that has until now only tentatively planted itself in the audience's mind - only to be shooed away, like a wayward speck of soot from Dick van Dyke's chimney brush - can no longer be ignored: Julie Andrews should not be here.

And neither should we, given that the cheapest tickets cost £61 and the posh ones at the front are £106 each.

At least I think I can.' Which is a little like Neil Young suddenly announcing that he can sing only soprano - startling in its own way, but not really what's wanted.

In fact, if you'd done some thorough research, you'd have found an interview in one of the papers the other day in which Julie gave the game away.

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