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Saphir Keramik is an innovative ceramic material, which has all the hygienic advantages of traditional bathroom...

Virtual products are distributed through our strategic partner BIMobject.Laufen is delighted to announce the birth of a new website: The microprocessor controlled Chromatopac series starting with the C-R1A and continuing today with the C-R8A is a continuation of that history.Shimadzu has also advanced over the years in the field of PC based data systems, progressing from a DOS-based system to today's Labsolutions Series Workstation.Saphir Keramik is once again playing a starring role, with new collections to dazzle from Konstantin Grcic, Ludovica Roberto Palomba, Toan Nguyen and Patricia Urquiola.

For the new showroom in Madrid the company has turned to the highly acclaimed designer Patricia Urquiola.

SUITS SEASON 7 RELEASE DATEMike’s lies about graduating from Harvard Law School finally caught up with him in season five as he was arrested for fraud.

In the season finale, he was sent to jail for two years after he accepted a plea deal in order to save his colleagues Harvey and Gina, who had helped cover his deception.

Patrick Adams, who plays Mike, told ABC News: We've been building for five seasons towards somebody having to face the music for this secret that they had been keeping.

“So I think it was really brave for them – and good for the show – to just change it up that much and to not run away.”SUITS SEASON 7, EPISODE 11 NETFLIX RELEASE DATEHe said that the show is “committed” to seeing Mike spend time in prison, but added: “Do I think it's going to be a full two years' worth of the show?

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