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Some kind of expert on how people feel about each other?

But, you know, it didn't matter what we called him because he was deaf too! [both laugh nasally] So Beauty and I are getting mani padis 'cause I'm throwing a ball tonight. There's gonna be fairies, godmothers, singing mice. I must have been the one who broke the heater and Grady's Game Guy. I'll see you at the Walk-a-Thon to read less books. The only way we can get Tawni to walk with us is for us to wear her jeans because her fans will see on t.v. LBS is also the abbreviation of pounds, (starts poking Chad), which is what you are going to gain if you don't stop watching yourself on T. And, that's the sarcophagus for the mommy dearest sketch. And, ah, that's a pink hat that I've never really seen before.

(sees more Nico, Grady and Tawni lookalikes) Oh no. Sonny and Selena then pick up a snack and throw it behind them and Selena's snack hits a guy. Sonny does a dance and Selena just stares at her.) Chad: (walks in and talks through megaphone) Okay people.

Look, it was sweet of you to put that picnic together. But the bad blood between our two shows has run too deep for too long to be healed by a bowl of egg salad, and even the best of intentions. In fact you wouldn't know a real punch in the face if it punched you in the face, because there is nothing real about you. (sees that it's not Nico, Grady and Tawni) And you're not Nico, Grady or Tawni.

(pours water in a cup)Tawni: Sweetie, I know it must hurt to be so unpopular. You see, every fan letter is like a hug from a friend. you wouldn't know real romance if it punched you in the face. And it's called "We're having a secret prom= by Sonny Munroe! I asked for a cup of water but I filled it up with soda.

Sonny: (wearing funny glasses) Okay great first day of camp guys. (ducks down after a pie is thrown at her) I know what cabin you sleep in Brian!

The snow outside will set the mood as I sing my song.

We're about to find who will become number one at holding number one. So You Think You Can Pee Pee Dance is brought to you by water! Just like you can only imagine what it's like to actually BE popular. (The cast says "yes") Well, I, just checked out a new book.