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Credit is due to the optional “carbon fiber driving zone” and its F1-inspired tiller.Though silly at first, the little red hash at the twelve o’ clock position provides entirely useful Pavlovian conditioning (for a mere five grand). Calling the F430 fast is like calling Miss America determined.

The SLR may be a dour machine driven by a brain-dead debutante, but the scissor-doored Mc Merc still has supercar written all over it.And those pesky Americans keep doing things to the Corvette that increase its credibility in the field of extreme machines.Known as the artistic hub of the region, a town highlight is the First Fridays Art Walk.While downtown, browse craft and antique stores and relax over a meal at a local restaurant.Those eight little Italian cylinders stump-up 343 ft-lbs of truck-like torque, taking the sauce all the way to 483hp, at a [still] preposterous 8500 rpm. If Jimi Hendrix was reincarnated as a gearbox, I’d be standing next to his Fire.

That’s because the F430 is a Little Wing on four massive 19” wheels.

So is the “entry level” Ferrari F430 becoming a little, uh, pedestrian? One look at Ferrari F430 and it tattoos the word “supercar” on your retinas.

While taller and hunkier than previous Dino-descended mid-engined mounts, the F430’s Pininfarina-penned lines possesses the kind of purity of line associated with High Renaissance art.

Continue south along 17 through the beautiful Virginia countryside and you’ll arrive in the charming town of The Plains with distinctive historic architecture.

If you’re visiting The Plains in mid-September, you’re in for a treat at the annual Virginia Wine Festival.

Thanks to an impeccably tuned suspension, meticulously selected ratios and Satan’s own powerband, the pace is fervid, the progress distraction-free.