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The perforated reflectors and baskets are sturdy cold rolled steel treated with a rust preventative coating.

Every detail of these lighting options displays the exceptional durability and quality of these carefully manufactured lighting solutions.

Gorgeous girls in t-shirts and G-strings were smoking cigarettes and brushing their hair and lounging around and whatnot.

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On the strip club dressing room cams I’ve watched, a typical evening meant you could watch the dancers enter in their street clothes, fix their hair, eat their lunches, and sit around smoking and texting.

After that, they would tend to spend some more time fixing their hair, fixing each other’s hair, putting on their make-up, taking off their street clothes, rubbing lotion on their bodies, getting into their stage outfits, etc.

These strip lighting options are UL listed, American made, and offered with lengthy warranties to ensure optimal performance for years to come.

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Choose from single or double lamp options, depending on your lighting needs and available space.

There are also variations in wattage capacity, ranging from 32 watts to 96 watts, and Lumens output of up to 18,600, as well as voltage variations of 120V to 277V.

This article is specifically about the strip club stage and dressing room cams from clubs you can find on

I got the screenshots you’ll find in this article from Little Darlings Las Vegas (club review / club website) when they were streaming their stage show and dancers’ dressing rooms there.

All of these high-quality 8-foot industrial T8 strip lights feature easy installation components and are made of durable materials for a product built to last.