Timer not invalidating

The system reserves the right to apply a small amount of tolerance to certain timers regardless of the value of the property.

timer not invalidating-18

The system may enforce a maximum value for the tolerance.

Once scheduled on a run loop, the timer fires at the specified interval until it is invalidated.

Invalidating the timer immediately disables it so that it no longer affects the run loop.

The run loop then removes the timer (and the strong reference it had to the timer), either just before the method returns or at some later point. After a repeating timer fires, it schedules the next firing for the nearest future date that is an integer multiple of the timer interval after the last scheduled fire date, within the specified .

If the firing time is delayed so far that it passes one or more of the scheduled firing times, the timer is fired only once for that time period; the timer is then rescheduled, after firing, for the next scheduled firing time in the future.).

This flexibility in when a timer fires improves the system's ability to optimize for increased power savings and responsiveness.If this parameter is TRUE, the background is erased when the Begin Paint function is called.If this parameter is FALSE, the background remains unchanged.I'm trying to create "rubber-band" rectangles by overriding the On Paint method to place rectangles on top of all graphic controls, but when I call Me. Invalidate() End If End Sub Protected Overrides Sub On Paint(By Val e As System. Invalidate() (when the user moves the mouse), On Paint is not getting called... Mouse Move If Left Mouse Button Down Then Drag End Point = New Point(e. If the function succeeds, the return value is nonzero. The invalidated areas accumulate in the update region until the region is processed when the next WM_PAINT message occurs or until the region is validated by using the Validate Rect or Validate Rgn function.