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As an SD DVD player the BDP-S300 appeared to perform quite capably, surprisingly well as a matter of fact.

I’ve always found this disc to be mediocre at best and just plain bad at worst, in all honesty much of what we viewed looked quite nice.

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It appears as if fully functional Ethernet connectivity will only be mandated with players conforming to profile 2.0 aka BD-Live, at the risk of beating a dead horse, no 2.0 compliant BD playback devices are currently available.

It’s assumed that the PS3 could achieve profile 2.0 compliance by means of a firmware update but this remains to be seen.

One scene in particular, the fight pit scene between the mongoose and snake really stood out.

I’d never noticed just how much detail is present in the scene, overall resolution certainly doesn’t seem to be one of the BDP-S300’s shortcomings.

Either way the BDP-S300 will no doubt receive firmware updates as well, we’ll just have to burn them to a CDR and or wait for official firmware updates by mail, directly from Sony.

Setup and General Observations: One of the first things I encountered with this player was actually one of the best features/implementations I’ve seen on any HD disc player to date and all I had to do was turn the player on.

Needless to say actually navigating the disc was also a chore, no doubt a firmware update could and likely will remedy the player’s sluggishness.

I just hope that fix is already in the works, if not playing discs like POTC and other advanced Java titles will prove to be a less than ideal experience for new users.

Right off the bat everyone in the room noticed the image quality from the S300, it’s always comforting when the results right out of the box are at least on par with expectations, surpassing them is of course a nice bonus.

The only SD DVD I had on hand was ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl’ (pulled specifically to compare to the BD version).

Moving on to ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl’ however wasn’t without incident.