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Choosing where to install the cup pulls was easy (dead center of the drawers) and the knobs were easy too, but determining where I wanted to put the upper pulls was tougher.

On a recent trip to my local hardware store I found the best way to install cabinet knobs….it is with an inexpensive little piece of plastic that makes installing cabinet knobs…1…2…3… Going to Wilson’s also reminds me of going to the hardware store with my dad when I was a little kid.If you don’t have one, it is well worth the few dollars it costs to buy. I still have lots of painting to do and will show you more progress on Wednesday.It takes the guesswork and the math out of installing knobs and pulls. I also want to update you on the floor refinishing.European cabinet hinges are perfect for achieving a professionally finished cabinet.

The cabinet hinge is completely concealed from the outside adding a modern feel to your kitchen.

I slowly have been updating the appliances to stainless.

The gold faucet was leaking and the cabinet knobs were falling off. and since my cabinets were made before hidden hinges were standard, I bought 24 sets of new nickel hinges to replace the brass ones.

I chose it because it is so easy to use and gives a lasting finish.

The first step was cleaning all of the greasy build-up off of those hinges.

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