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Close coordination among all members of the design team is essential throughout the design process.The structural engineer is concerned with providing not only adequate strength for the building, but also serviceability.

In recent centuries, the scientific and industrial revolutions introduced analytical approaches that allowed designers to go beyond empirical limitations and predict the behavior of building systems and components that existed only in their imaginations.This gave rise to the formalization and specialization of the modern engineering profession, which in turn led to more accurate and cost-effective designs.Pope Paul VI’s substantial achievement was to steer the Council to a closure albeit with some uncertainties, but eventually with a moral unanimity despite the small minority opposition.He promulgated all its sixteen documents and closed the Council on 8 December 1965.This problem often arises in design-build situations when various subcontractors supply their own design services, but there is no SER to review the documents that they produce and harmonize them with each other.

It is important that the SER be involved in the project as early as possible, before concepts for architectural, mechanical, and electrical systems have been finalized.

Today the individual responsible for ensuring that buildings will remain standing while carrying out their intended functions is the structural engineer.

The Council of American Structural Engineers (CASE) defines a structural engineer as: "An engineer with specialized knowledge, training, and experience in the sciences and mathematics relating to analyzing and designing force-resisting systems for buildings and other structures." A structural engineer usually has one of two roles on a building project, as identified by CASE: Every project should have a single designated SER who establishes the structural design criteria and concepts for the project, but may delegate the detailed design of certain portions to SSEs by communicating this information and other requirements on the construction documents (drawings and specifications).

The Foursquare Church board of directors and members adopt bylaws and articles of incorporation that dictate the structure and purpose of The Foursquare Church.

For your convenience, the bylaws and articles of incorporation are available for you to download in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

These phenomena are highly sensitive to nonstructural factors such as standoff distance within the site, facade configurations and connections, and the presence of reentrant corners or transfer girders at the building perimeter.