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We didnt gave a clue what we even needed at that time. At this point, we WILL continue to accept donations.You anticipated and got busy being the hands and feet of our Lord. I have included some pictures of Leecy and Gary's neighborhood to show the extent of damage.

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I have this mental picture of each of you personally serving a covered silvered platter to our Thanksgiving table and you pick up the cover to reveal whatever gift you have for us. You knelt at the feet of Jesus praying for our needs before we knew what to ask for. She is extremely grateful for the generosity shown by everyone who has donated and she wants to share this generosity with her Elon community.Your smile is contagious and we are overwhelmed over as we bask in the goodness you are sharing. Within minutes of the storm, the messages of prayer and offers to help came. You treated and retreated stains to return my daughter’s favorite dress. You laid hands on us when we wondered if we were too tired to keep going. Her plan is to make sure that those who have been devastated by this tragedy in her area are taken care of.We also see so many friends from every aspect of our lives.Church friends, college friends, Marine Corp friends, law enforcement friends, pharmaceutical friends, friends from our community, friends from our world of cancer, bridal friends, friends of our children, friends of friends, but what blew us away is how many of you only know us by our story and by our needs.On Sunday, April 15th a powerful tornado swept through Amherst County.

Leecy and Gary Fink received a phone call from some friends to warn them that a tornado was headed their way.They have lost everything- their home, their cars, their RV, their clothes, their personal belongings.They were finally able to leave their neighborhood just a short time ago after they were picked up and the roads had finally been cleared enough to get a car through.They only had moments to get the family in the basement.Gary cleared out under their basement steps and they took cover there.The events of April 15, 2018 impact every second of the day and night since those endless seconds when our home was being shredded above us.