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It seems someone within Garmin screwed up and they are trying to fix this for the new owners that's why when I called them the second time they offered me the DVD version for half the price.I know it's not free but I purchased it anyway because when I look at the total cost of the unit with the new map now it comes to 0 shipping, so 0 which is still good for such price with the new maps installed.So, I wanted to share this with you guy who have bought the 660 recently.

updating maps on garmin nuvi 660-43

Customer service in the US has got alot worse over the years. They gave me Europe 2008 update free but not NA 2009.

Companies just don't care about making a happy customer, they just want your money. After numrous phone calls, alot of complaining and finally speaking with supervisor, I got the 50% off discount (including shipping) - total of for the 2009 update. There is not a single word on Garmin's site about 6xx being discontinued - you'll find this after talking to their reps.

I can basically return it, get a newer model, qualify for the free map upgrade and still end up where I started, 0, what do you think?

oh yah, and please if you experience the same issue, write a review about the 660 so they know we can do something about their reputation if they try to screw with their customers like this.

They are shutting the light on the nuvi 6xx series and didn't coordinate this, leaving new owners of their gps hangging looking for answers.

However, lets' see if they start to give the free update for free on the 660, that would really be messed up and they will really get a nice call from me.I think this is a result of poor communication on Garmin's part.A lot of people are going to buy on price without knowing the reason for the low price is that the model is being discontinued.I remember when I bought the tomtom they had a policy of free map updates the first 30 days so no matter what happens, you always get the latest map free.I wrote a bad review about their customer service and I wrote a letter to some of their executives, maybe they need to look at what's going on and get some feed back from real people Everyone wants something for nothing..would anyone want to buy the 6XX series when the new 7XX series was out unless they were at exceptional prices and then you would get what you paid for. Probably shipping back to amazon would be anyway!When you buy a new 6xx now, you are actually buying a discontinued product, with outdated maps!