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In a typical setting the test set is only used to estimate the final performance; ideally one is not even allowed to look at it.As it is well described in this Win Vector blog (see other entries as well), it is possible to "use" the test set without biasing the model's performance.

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The bootstrap can provide smaller mean squared error estimates of prediction accuracy using the whole sample for both developing and testing the model.Typically the outer loop is performed by human, on the validation set, and the inner loop by machine, on the training set.Cross-Validation set (20% of the original data set): This data set is used to compare the performances of the prediction algorithms that were created based on the training set.We choose the algorithm that has the best performance.In this situation the weights are specified for the training data only and don't show the global trend.

By having a validation set, the iterations are adaptable to where decreases in the training data error cause decreases in validation data and increases in validation data error; along with decreases in training data error, this demonstrates the overfitting phenomenon. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).Perhaps Matlab does not ask you for parameters or you have chosen not to use them and that is the source of your confusion.It is often helpful to go into each step with the assumption (null hypothesis) that all options are the same (e.g.all parameters are the same or all algorithms are the same), hence my reference to the distribution.It does not follow that you need to split the data in any way.A: Test method validation is the documented process of ensuring a pharmaceutical test method is suitable for its intended use.