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Everyone knows that stars like John Mayer and George Clooney have dated their fair share of different celebs, but for every random celebrity couple that you remember (for better or for worse), there's another pairing that you totally forgot about.

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It's no secret that Hollywood is filled with celebrities that have all dated each other. Check them out in the gallery below: Long before Michael Weatherly became Special Agent Anthony Dinozzo on 'NCIS," and Jessica Alba was the founder of the Honest Company, they were engaged to each other after starring on the show "Dark Angel" together.

After all, when there are that many beautiful people in one place, there is bound to be overlap. (Photo by Gregg De Guire/Wire Image) Have more that we forgot?

July 2007 - June 2008Paula Abdul announced she was dating JT Torregiani, a restaurant owner 12 years her junior, in 2007.

They dated for about a year before splitting up due to hectic work schedules.

She has appeared in several of the television series and dramas and been the Billboard chartered for her songs.

including dancer, choreographer, actress and television personality.

To the public, Colton Melby is known not only as a Paula Abdul boyfriend, but also as a gun manufacturer.

In half of the year 2003, Paula Abdul boyfriend was rumored to be Corey Clark.

For two years Paula Abdul was married to Brad Beckerman.

He is known as a clothing manufacturer who married Paula Abdul in 1996, however the couple divorced in 1998.

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