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The supermodel has welcomed her second child, her first with new hubby Evan Spiegel (her 7-year-old Flynn is from her previous marriage to Orlando Bloom)! Maybe everybody's in a good mood because they just met the freakin' Pope… newspaper It's a sign that things are getting super serious in the relationship when you decide to meet the Pope together, right?! Well, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom just personally met Pope Francis on Saturday morning at the Vatican in Rome… They opted to dress pretty conservatively, as per custom for the whole event — Perry going with a black veiled hat and a matching black ruffled dress, and Bloom opting for a black suit and tie — and everybody appeared to be all smiles during their meeting!or maybe Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are just meant to be! No word yet on if Pope Francis watches Katy on Filed under: Love Line • Models • Advertisement • Orlando Bloom • Khloe Kardashian • Twitter • Kourtney Kardashian • This Week In Celebrity Twitpics • Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson • Ad Campaigns • Calvin Klein • Shirtless • Reality TV • Instagram • Scott Disick • Lingerie Look away, Scott Disick!Orlando Bloom is flying free in the wind and feelin' better than ever! I'm warning you, you're about to stare straight into the face of Orlando Bloom's peen.

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However, the Roar hitmaker has one small problem in dating the 39-year-old actor. But it's really like, it's so far, nobody [who lives in town] is going to come see you.""There's no pop-over and I never really got used to Malibu 'cause it's halfway to Santa Barbara, so I'm always just going to Santa Barbara then."The songstress also said she does spend a lot of time in Santa Barbara, California where she grew up."I still spend a lot of time there because I grew up there. People associate it with the French Riviera, almost Monte Carlo, like beautiful American rich people, and we were like super poor.

The songstress hates the long drive she has to take to see him."My boyfriend lives in Malibu and getting used to that [drive] was like, 'Are you kidding me? '" the 31-year-old actress told Women's Wear Daily, adding, "I get the whole coming to L. Actually my boyfriend didn't even believe me and I was, like, 'I'm going to drive you by my house' and you can Google Earth it," Perry said."I basically had a crazy church-filled, God squad upbringing.

Things didn't work out with Katy Perry (who, by the way, is not dating Ryan Phillippe) or Miranda Kerr. "Recently they’ve been hanging out as more than friends.

It’s super casual."The source added that the pair are not exclusive, and that Orlando "doesn't want a girlfriend and enjoys being single."Is this source Orlando, casually having 'the talk' with Nina Dobrev through a major publication?

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom basically confirmed they're back together on Wednesday by being spotted taking a romantic stroll in Prague. We're using "romantic" loosely here, as both were seen bundled up in beanies, heavy jackets, and scarves (Katy was even rocking a fanny pack, for some reason) while walking Orlando's dog Mighty.

Basically, it was the exact opposite of their skin bearing (and then some) outing in Italy last year — but confirms the two are back in each others lives!

“No man, we were just attending We Day together,” Orlando said (via TMZ). Rumors began swirling most recently when they were seen at the airport together earlier this week.

When will you find your one true love to paddleboard shorts-less with? According to "They’ve known each other for a while," said the source.

The disgraced comedienne began her social fury by retweeting alt-right figure Jack Posobiec, Thomas Wictor, and way too many supportive messages from her followers.

She thanked fans by mostly replying to others' messages.

Maybe.* *It's almost definitely not, but wouldn't it be fun if it were?