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Rome: I mean, those are the first three shows that I have ever done as a solo artist. Thank God I had my boys HB Surround Sound around and opening up the show, because it was some familiar faces… That first show over at the Belly Up was like the very first show again.To go out and do that is pretty nerve racking, for sure. The Pier: It is you, Rome Ramirez, as Rome Ramirez of Rome Ramirez… It was like the debut at Smokeout Festival all over again.How do you feel, personally, about the reception tonight and the previous tour dates playing in large part all your songs? It was us together; everything was a group effort in recording. Whereas, this is me, this is who I am and this is my music. If people think the songs suck balls, then it is on me. The kids fucking love the music, they love the sound and even though it is in a completely different language, they sing the lyrics almost word for word. but Matty O from the Dirty Heads played with us last time, and he fucking crushed it!

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So, without further interruption, here is The Pier’s Exclusive Interview with Rome Ramirez…

The Pier: It is a pleasure to sit down with you, Rome! Give us your thoughts on the first three dates of the tour in southern California. Were you completely solo or did you have a backing band? With that kind of pressure, it was a little stressful to go into it, but I had all my friends and family there, thankfully.

That feeling like your missing out on something absolutely bonkers and magical. We are very sorry to all our fans and we will get down there very soon! We love Bud to fucking death, he is an amazing drummer, but the whole Sublime with Rome project was supposed to be about positive feelings, playing great music for the fans, and anything that gets in the way of that goal doesn’t mesh well with playing great music. Along those lines, it has been nearly four years since you became the lead singer of Sublime with Rome.

”] The Pier: Now, you brought up Bud Gaugh a few times, already. You have every reggae fan from the 1980s and ‘90s dream job. Rome: I have never, honest to God, thought that I was the Brad of 2012, or whatever. If he had still been alive today, music would probably be different.

However, if you have attended a Sublime with Rome show recently, the amphitheaters and stadiums are normally packed.

So, obviously the fans are still showing support at the live performances of Sublime and Sublime with Rome music, played by Rome.

We are coming up to almost a year since Bud announced he was leaving Sublime with Rome. I almost know for a fact that music would be different right now.

Talk about Josh Freese filling in, the transition, and is there still a chance Bud returns to play drums? However, I am very, very blessed and excited that I get to go out there and play the amazing music that he made. As far as someone having that job, a role to fill and prolonging this music, I never thought anybody, let alone myself would be in that position.

The first show is always the hardest, it was at the Belly Up in Solana Beach, CA, but it was a super significant moment, in at least my career. It was the same nerves three years later and it was for a fraction of the people. The Pier: Even you said it yourself tonight speaking to the crowd, “You went from Red Rocks Amphitheatre to here” at the Bluebird with everyone up close and in your face.

It’s like the very first show that I can show exactly what I can do, not what I can write because I am in Sublime or what I can write because I am in the studio with the Dirty Heads, you know? How does that make you feel that even in a smaller venue, the fans are still up close in your face and packing the clubs for your music?

However, The Pier was in attendance for Rome’s first solo national tour on his stop in Denver, Colorado.