Words with friends updating forever

and Invisible Ink animations until the novelty wears off.But I'll be sending stickers and GIFs and wacky hand-drawn notes forever. ) and the Tapback emoji that let you answer without sending a message, make the app feel smarter than ever.For the antsy, there's a public beta starting today, so you can start getting used to all the newness now.

When do you do install i OS 10, you'll see the change the moment your phone turns back on, because you won't have turn it back on.

Raise to Wake brings the screen to life when you pick up your phone.

you on the lockscreen, because it's where you'll want to be. Swipe it left to right, and everything you can do appears.

Notifications have more interactive power, so you can do the hard-press 3D Touch move to scan an entire thread in Messages, peek at your calendar, and do things without opening an app or even unlocking your phone. 3D Touch the X button and delete everything at once.

Now they appear in the 3D Touch menu for every app, and by themselves on a screen to the left of your primary home screen. Right now, I'm stuck looking at the Stocks widget and 3D-touching my texts over and over, just to grasp the potential.

They make in-and-out actions (What's next on my calendar? (If Siri tells me "I don't see an app for that" one more time, I'll cry.) But give it time. Messages is another plaything for developers, but it's gotten some love from Cupertino.Messages is now a true platform for i Phone users, though it doesn't play nicely with Android. In another nice change, apps on i OS 10 are removable!If you're an Android user, your i Phone-toting friends can't send you awesome drawings and crazy on-screen fireworks. The downside is, Apple packed the OS with more pre-installed apps.They aren't as obviously, colorfully noticeable as i OS 7, which arrived in 2014 with new ideas about how software should look.But i OS 10 is more important, because it's full of new ideas about how you'll use your phone.I rarely want to open an app; I just want to take a note, call a car, or view my calendar alongside my to-do list.