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These shortcuts will all work on a Windows computer, just substitute Control (Windows) for Command (Mac), Alt (Windows) for Option (Mac), Start (Windows) for Control (Mac).

Here are a few tips and tricks and shortcuts that might save some time and frustration.Keyboard shortcuts can be a major time-saver, eliminating mousing-around multiple menus and submenus.If the total track count is allowed by the version of PT you are using (24 for PT Free, 32 for PT LE), the session should open as normal.If the track count exceeds the limit, a window will open, telling you what tracks have been left out, and you will want to save this info..) If the files associated with each session are all the exact same length, they may have consolidated them.

Simply add them to the Logic session, all with the same start time.This works for changing track size, track display, adding aux sends, and many other operations.Hold the option key and change a value on one track, and all other tracks will change the same way.Now that your session consists of 24/32 tracks, save the new session by clicking Save As.Select all of the audio in the session with the cursor tool (to the left of the hand tool).Intro from Jay Allison: If you work in audio production, you end up having some kind of relationship to Digidesign's ubiquitous software, Pro Tools. We at Transom are no exception and we asked our TOOLS Editor to come up with a set of Pro Tools tips specifically for the public radio producer.