My ex wife is dating a married man

I have been always so understanding and nice about this, but now I'm getting very impatient and I want to start to become #1 in his life.He told me that he knows the commitment he gave her to work on the marriage was until August, but he knows he’s not really working on his marriage...he’s faking it.He knows the commitment to me was to move out in August, but he thinks that's not possible now…could be after August.

He has not told his wife about you, and he now is telling you that he may not be able to move out in August as he did tell you he would.You say he is a good man any woman would want, including his ex.I told him then that I want to move on and try to date.He should think about trying to really work on his marriage and not leaving his wife.Next day I meet this new guy and we spend a whole day together, I'm having fun when I get a text from bf, just one word something means between when we went on holiday. I know already that he won't be able to handle not seeing me until August.

Next day, Monday, around 4pm, I'm getting bombed with 2 sad voice notes on my phone. I can’t see you or hear your voice, and I won’t be able to last until August without you!

He gave her a commitment that he will work on his relationship till August, which he tried by not seeing me and even hardly talking to me. He figured it was very difficult to see me and concentrate what he is doing.

Then when he’s ready, and has left her, he said he would contact me.

I have been dating a married man for over a year now. I didn't want anything, but very quickly we found ourselves spending every day together...texting, e-mailing and then going on holidays. The first 20 years were great, but the last 5 was bad. She's trying to keep a really good man and any woman would be happy to have him.

He told me that he would wait until his kids graduate, and after that tell her it's over and then move out by August. Except his wife doesn't want to give up what they had.

I don't want to push him away and I don't want to say the wrong words to him. He has always been 100% honest with me, and he is just doing the things he thinks needs to be done before he tells her it's really over, like settling the financial issues.